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We make it easy to get limited Nike sneakers by reserving RSVP spots for you

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How does this work?

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1. Place an RSVP order with us.

Click Order RSVP under the upcoming shoe you want and fill out the form. There is a fee for the RSVP, but we don't charge you unless we get the confirmation from Nike.

2. We'll message Nike for you.

When Nike announces the start of the RSVP period, we'll automatically send your name and desired shoe size to them. Nike will confirm whether you have a slot or not.

3. Pick up the shoes.

We'll forward the confirmation info on to you. With that confirmation, you can purchase the shoes from your local Nike store on release day at retail price.

Upcoming Releases

To see which shoes your store will carry, check the RSVP Schedule spreadsheet.

Over 7,000 RSVP Confirmations

We've successfully gotten over 7,000 RSVP confirmations! Here are some of the pictures our customers sent in of their pickups.
For more pictures, take a look at the RNSD Kicks Customer Pickups Gallery

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